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Connealy Capitalist 028

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Breed: Angus
Registration Number: 16752262 (AMF-NHF)
Tattoo: 028
Born: 01/11/2010
Pedigree:     Sitz Traveler 8180
S A V Final Answer 0035
    S A V Emulous 8145

    C R A Bextor 872 5205 608
Prides Pita of Conanga 8821
    Pretty Pet of Conanga
From: Connealy Angus Ranch, NE, 44 Farms, TX
Birth Weight (BW): 70
Birth Weight Ratio: 96
Weaning Weight (WW): 861
Weaning Weight Ratio: 117
Yearling Weight (YW): 1443
Yearling Weight Ratio: 117
Yearling Scrotal (SC): 37 cm
Yearling Frame: 5.8
Canada Eligible: No

  • One of the rare calving ease sires that meets the demands of the toughest phenotype critics
  • Continues to generate top performing, top selling sire groups across a range of environments
  • Use to sire deep sided, big bodied cattle with plenty of gas in the tank
  • A proven cowmaker pedigree with performance and phenotype extras

Capitalist remains one of the most phenotypically impressive Angus bulls we have encountered in recent history and two years of calves have proven his value as a big time breeding bull. Dependably siring more body width, mass and muscle expression than expected from his pedigree, use Capitalist to power up a variety cattle types. He can be used without concern on large groups of heifers while simultaneously adding dimension and stoutness like only a few Angus bulls can. He has become one of the favored bulls among Select Sires’ employees who also breed Angus cattle because his highly fertile semen produces a consistent body type that is easy to admire and market or keep as replacements.


Angus Sire Summary EPDs as of 04/18/14
  CED BW WW YW RADG YH SC DOC CEM Milk Dt/Hd $EN CW Marb RE Fat U Grp/Pgny C Grp/Pgny $W $F $G $B
EPD 13 -.7 64 110 .17 .1 1.21 6 14 28 0.0 -12.71 26 .49 .81 .068 143/317 / 50.20 54.47 30.81 74.71
Acc .69 .88 .82 .77 .46 .83 .82 .75 .19 .26   .37 .49 .44 .43            
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